About us

We embrace all good ideas

We’re lookg for startups with a great idea, skilled team and determination in effort. Your idea doesn’t have to cover field of telecommunications. There are lots of possible synergies we can discover together and if we do, we can help you like no one else.

We’re no ordinary startup incubator

BOLT is no ordinary startup incubator. BOLT is a business initiative directly connected to O2 Czech Republic, which provides not only the necessary funding to startups, but also an access to unique competences of telecommunication operator.

Our offer


Investments and coinvestments are evaluated on an individual basis without any predefined limits.

Sales Channels

More than 150 different shops, 800 call center operators and 400 sales representatives are prepared to present and offer your product.

7 mil. customers

We’re able to reach not only 7 milion resident customers, but also companies in our network.


O2 experts have broad knowledge, experiences and skills, therefore we’re able to give you good feedback on your product or service.


We‘ll enable you to test new technologies, services and hardware. We will help you gain a technological competitive advantage.


We can make more than 50 API and number of O2 backend systems accessible to you.


We can provide you with suitable working place if neccessary, with fast internet included.


We are able to connect you with major companies in the Czech Republic.



Investment committee

Frequently asked questions

What kind of startup are you looking for?

We welcome anyone with a good idea. We prefer startups to which we can provide more than just a funding. We are part of the unique O2 ecosystem and we believe that those ideas, that this ecosystem can utilize and that can also benefit from possible synergies, should primarly get our help.

Do you accept startups in their early stage?

Yes. While we're trying to focus on startups that are already finalizing their product and are in the go-to-market stage, we are also open to discussion with startups that have a great idea and are starting to work on the product. Individual projects and possible cooperation are always evaluated individually.

How to apply?

Send us information using contact form.If we need more details, we’ll contact you. For any further questions, please send us an email to iwill@bebolt.cz.

How does the selection process look like?

After you send us the initial information, we will organize a small workshop with you to discuss your idea, expectations and possibilities for mutual cooperation. We will present a summary of this workshop to our startup committee, which meets approximately once a month. After that, we'll get back to you, and if we want to continue in the discussion with you, we'll tell you what the next steps are.