Czech start-ups play their part in fight against Covid-19

By the middle of March, with the number of coronavirus infections in the Czech Republic creeping up and amidst surging public interest in how best to stay safe, the country’s emergency telephone service, 112, was beginning to overload with coronavirus-related questions.

After days of non-stop calls from concerned Czechs asking about how to protect themselves from infection, about the latest government regulations related to coronavirus and other non-acute questions, 112 operators were exhausted. They had neither the technology nor the human resources to cope. What’s more, citizens with genuine emergencies – those needing an ambulance, wanting to report a fire, or call for help after a car accident – couldn’t reach an operator as lines were blocked.

That’s when Mluvii, a Czech-based digital omnichannel communication platform for call centres and remote work teams, along with several other Czech tech companies, including Nula Advisory, Keboola, Invia, Comdata, Alza and Mediacall decided to step in and help.